Thursday, February 16, 2012

14 Days of Valentines- Two Takes on One Sketch

4x6 Photo Blog-Sketch 54

All right, that's it! I'm declaring a Valentine's Day re-do. My Valentine's Day didn't go remotely like I planned, which is why I'm posting the last 2 projects 2 days after Valentine's Day.

So, here's my project and my rationale for them. I love sketches. I think they take the guesswork out of a layout and you can concentrate on the artwork and not the technical details. I thought it would be fun to make 2 different pages with one sketch and see what happened. I figured I'd do one more detailed than the other, with paper piecings and chalking/inking on the individual elements. I planned to do the other one more quickly, with ready-made elements. Boy, was I surprised. I did the page with the paper piecing (BTW- the pattern is from MyScrapChick) and it took so much less time than the one with the pre-made elements. I think I need to be more decisive. LOL

I found this sketch at 4x6 Photo Sketch Blog. I love this site because I usually don't have room to crop my pictures after I take them. I try to get up close when I take the pictures, so there's not much room to crop.

Anyway, here are my takes on the sketch above. It cracks me up how they both took on a life of their own and bear only a slight resemblance to each other. LOL

A closer look at the olives on the second page:

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