Monday, November 12, 2012

A Challenge, a Mistake and the Final Result

Have you ever made a mistake that turned out to be better than you intended? It happened to me with this layout. I started with a sketch from iClassygirl

Unfortunately, I hated the way it worked out. It looked unbalanced and unfinished and very amateurish. So, I thought, "I think I'll try my hand at doodling. I mean, I do the faux stitching all the time. How hard can it be, right?" Famous last words. I started with a little doodle in the corner coming from the buttons. HATED IT! Now I had nothing to lose, so I went nuts trying to fix it. I just started doodling long swirls and you know what? I loved the way it turned out. 

Scrapbooking is such a personal craft, so what you like may not be another person's cup of tea, but if you like it, it's great! This page makes me happy! 

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