Thursday, February 9, 2012

14 Days of Valentines-You Rock Card

Happy Read in the Bathtub Day! Doesn't that sound like a nice thing to do today? It's cold and overcast here and I'd be glad to sit in the bathtub surrounded by bubbles and read a nice book. Reality is probably going to make that impossible, but that's okay. I'll play with  my babies instead. That's nice too.

Okay, today I have a card for which I made the pattern. Be kind. It's my debut into the pattern world. The idea is not original with me. I actually got the idea from a scrapbook magazine and I can see some things I'd like to change, but overall, I think I like it.

Inside the card is a pun. I think the recipient will forgive you for the pun, since it's a candy pun. Pop Rocks. Get it? Ha! Ha! (Aren't you glad I'm not there to elbow you in the ribs as I say this?)

Have a great day and sign up for my giveaway.

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